We’ve all heard this before, sedentary lifestyle is bad for your health. However, do you really know exactly how serious the effects might be ? According to sources from CNN, studies have shown that there’s a direct relationship between time spent sitting and the risk of early mortality of any cause. In other words, as your total sitting time increases, you are at more risks of an early death.
The negative effects of sitting long periods of time can be easily identified from the graph below.
Sedentary behavior commonly causes back pain and body edema due to weakened metabolic cycle. Simply put, your body is not moving enough, if at all, which in turn increases the likelihood of weight gain, constipation, all sorts of pain and discomfort in the long run. Furthermore, body fat has the tendency to accumulate around the waist area. Basically, the longer you sit, the more likely you’ll develop health problems.
We all know that old habits die hard, that’s why our iKross Standing Desk is designed to force its users from sitting.
The iKross Standing Desk features spacious working area, two–tier design and sturdy construction. The maximized space can fit 2 computer monitors. Besides, you can put PC or laptop on the upper layer and keyboards and other device or accessories on the bottom layer for ergonomic wrist and arm positions. The workstation goes up and down smoothly and vertically with premium gas lift arms to suit user’s preferred height and viewing position. To ensure the quality of our iKross Standing Desk, our pneumatic gas spring lift has been tested 5000 times! Based on your preferences, We offer two models of standing desk.
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