Have you ever missed important messages because your hands were occupied? Do you have a hard time keeping your phone steady on the road? Worry not, ‘cause our iKross Auto Lock Phone Holder is here to fix your issues once and for all.


What is Auto Lock?
In brief, Auto Lock is a pressure sensitive locking mechanism that clamps your device automatically when pressure is sensed at the bottom of the holder.
When device is placed on the holder, the weight of the device will trigger the spring-loaded clamps to contract and locks the device securely in place.
The rubber cushioned clamps provide a firm but gentle grip, preventing your device from scratching and bumps. In addition, the 360 degree swivel ball joint allows you to rotate your device to desired angle.
To remove your device, simply pull the trigger-shaped button on the back of the holder to release the tension.
With iKross Auto Lock Phone Holder, you can finally enjoy a safe and smooth ride without breaking a sweat. Our holder guarantees an instinctive user experience that allows you to operate singlehandedly.
iKross offers 3 mounting solutions to satisfy your needs. Base on your preference, you can choose between air Vent, CD Slot or Windshield/Dashboard mount.

The most popular one is iKross Car Air Vent Mount. It is suitable for most vehicles. Tool-free installation, 360 degree adjustable swivel ball, special patented pressure sensitive lock. We make so sure that you can use it in the easiest way.

If you prefer to let the phone screen closer to your view, you can choose Car CD Slot Mount. Besides, this Car CD Slot Mount is with the Cable Storage to clip your charging cable or when not in use.

If you like niether Car Air Vent Mount nor Car CD Slot Mount, we will recommend you iKross Car Windshield/Dashboard Auto Lock. We improve the ultra sturdy made of 3M suction adhesive gel pad. It allows the car mount stay firmly on the windshield and most dashboards.
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