Make Life Better with iKross Standing Desk

We’ve all heard this before, sedentary lifestyle is bad for your health. However, do you really know exactly how serious the effects might be ? According to sources from CNN, studies have shown that there's a direct relationship between time spent sitting and the risk...

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The Joys of Photography From iKross

The habit of taking photos or video with smartphone has slowly integrated into part of modern people’s lifestyle. Some of you like to share stories with others on social media. Some of you enjoy photography by capturing special moments of your life. Whichever reasons...

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Auto Lock Phone Holder by iKross

Have you ever missed important messages because your hands were occupied? Do you have a hard time keeping your phone steady on the road? Worry not, ‘cause our iKross Auto Lock Phone Holder is here to fix your issues once and for all.   What is Auto Lock? In...

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